Thursday, 8 January 2009

lucrethia and the azoto 14,008

Lucrethia and the Azoto 14,008- Dance Skinsation
label:Ariola 1978

Disco FIZZ! 
CNR Records 1981

Heres some covers from some early italo disco and i feel they are pretty special
some of the music is questionable tho there are a few good tracks if you have the patience
Coverwize i give them a 10/10 naked disco woman being squeezed out of a tube of tooth paste....FRESH! (sorry could not resist) and as for that space ship with record planets need i say any more. well done!


  1. please, upload that and send me link. thank u

  2. I have been searching for a decent rip of the Lucrethia and the Azoto 14,008 "Dance Skinsation" album for ages as I have only got the Disco Fizz album so far (you chose the best three tracks by far though "Hava Nagila" is also a classic Azoto track as is the Major Swellings (Prins Thomas) re-edit of course. If you do have a good rip of the 14008 album I would be happy to do a swap for some rare cosmicdiscoid madness of my own though I fear you long abandoned this blog, WhyWhyWhy as the Woodentops would ask!? Looks like you had the makings of a cool blog (plus the rarity of being the creator of a discoblog without a beard! unless....!)
    PS> I checked out the records as planets but on the Skinsation album are the planets really....I don't think I want to know the answer, too many sleepless nights of terror may result.