Saturday, 20 December 2008

Lipps inc - pucker up

Lipps inc-pucker up
casablanca records, 1980

Track worth a mention: How long (has this been going on)

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

"T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)"

Really lovely font for 'the sound of philadelphia' label.
In 1966, prior to the creation of Philadelphia International, Gamble and Huff started an independent label, Excel Records. It was soon renamed Gamble Records and in 1972 it was folded into Philadelphia International as a subsidiary. In 1974, the subsidiary's name was changed to TSOP Records. The name comes from the 1974 hit single, "TSOP (The Sound of Philadelphia)", by MFSB and The Three Degrees. Artists for Excel/Gamble/TSOP included Jerry Butler, Dusty Springfield, Laura Nyro, Wilson Pickett, Dee Dee Sharp, The Intruders and Archie Bell & the Drells.

Space cats!

yet another from Emperor machine

Hommage to La Boca

Ive just discovered these guys while stumbling in to a Emperor Machine cover. Wow they are really really good.
About them (stolen from there website):
La Boca is an independent design circus specializing in art & design for the film, music and fashion industries. Our work ranges from limited edition vinyl record sleeves to full scale media campaigns, and our twisted touch has left its indelible mark on projects for a wide range of international clients.
based in Portobello, West London.
We enjoy fruit.
Check these out

Dark robotic disco

White light circus- Rocket ride
DC Recordings 2006

Artwork By [Sleeve Design] - La Boca Design & Art Direction
Absolute genius.. such a retro look considering this was done in 2006 really good art deco clouds amazing ambiance. Good use of the classic side on lip pose!

hommage to Grace Jones

Two extra special ones from Grace Jones. Really good use of blocky colour.

What can i say... interplanetary goddess in cosmic clam shell.

Magnum opus 2o dance masterpieces. 2001

general 'grooveathon' with all the classics.

Artist unknown.

Bring in the robots...

Another one from 1977...proving to be a vintage year
Munich Machine, Casablanca records.
Tracks worth a listen:
Get on the funk train, body shine, reputation. ( its all pretty good really)

Cover artist unknown ( if anyone knows these let me kno)

Brilliant use of lazers
Dancing robots exellent

A example of what i am trying to achive......

Feast your eyes!
Bionic Boogie LP, Polydor, 1977. Produced by Gregg Diamond (disco mega lord!)
artist unknown
Phew this is a really good one!

A example of what im not trying to achive...

Tho this is pretty special....

Hello world!

Disco Clovers is a blog focused on design work for 12' sleeves, posters and typography aswell as work from contemporary designers that draw inspiration from Disco. With Disco record art there has been a fine line between the bad, the funny bad and the down right brilliant! My aim is to pick out best of the bunch for you to draw inspiration from and mabee create some of your own which we can upload on to this blog and create a general jazzfest of cosmic proportions...